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My Cover Story

So I've finally done it. Yes somehow I've managed to get on the cover of TV Repartee! And am I happy?

You bet I am!

Ok I can hear some of you saying being best friends with the editor, it was only a matter of time before I got on the cover. This may or may not be true but I'd still like to think my photos are good enough without having to pull any strings (or BJ's hair).

Anyway this is the story of how I died; sorry trying to get into Roses character again I really must stop doing that now. BTW the top I'm wearing on the cover is the same one (not the actual one!)Rose had on in her final two episodes in case you're wondering don't ask me to name them I'm not that sad.

I first asked if I could be on the cover about a year ago and to my surprise BJ made me a cover star but it was using one of my old photos on a one-off mock cover (See above left) she then said that I couldn't really be used on areal cover as it would seem like favouritism but after I nagged her to death she told me to come up with a good idea and maybe I could be on the cover for real. At the time Billie Piper was big a big hit as Rose in D octor Who and I was quite often being told I looked like her (yes I know I don't really look anything like her you don't have to tell me!) so I suggested why not do a cover where I pretended to be Rose Tyler and to my surprise BJ thought it was a good idea. As that was so easy I then asked if I could do the centre spread to go with it too and came up with an idea to do all the photos in various Sci-Fi costumes and to get my good friend Juliette(from Sophie's) to take the photos. This I did, but sadly the results were not good enough for Repartee (these photos can now be seen on Sophie's website - see my links page).

Anyway it wasn't until December that I finally got round to trying again. BJ was getting worried as this was the closest she's left getting a cover before the publishing date.

We spent a day in London with Leah True doing her best to make me look like Rose for the cover and after we got that photo it was going to be a case of use what was left over for the centre spread. But after a day shooting we didn't really have any photos that looked much like Rose but we had plenty to make up the centre. Leah even played about with some in Photoshop (she managed to make me look quite pretty too. Yea I know it's hard to believe but she did honest) but it was all to no avail. We were even at one point considering forgetting all about the Doctor Who cover all together.

In the end we thought it was just too late to come up with a new idea so we just picked a photo that we all liked kept it as it was and let the Repartee designer give it a Doctor Who style background and much to our surprise it came out pretty good! (BTW I came up with the pink Tardis as we needed it to look like the Tardis but slightly different for various reasons I'd rather not go into) And so what if it looks nothing like Rose Tyler maybe people who don't know me will look at the cover and really wonder

“Who's that girl?”

Who said more like "Who's that man?"

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