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My Second Cover Story!

I bet a few people looked at the cover of the
latest Repartee and said to themselves -
Hasn't Nina been on the cover before?

The answer you're looking for is 'yes' although you might not have realized it was me pretending to be the Doctor's assistant and not Billie Piper herself back on issue 54.

It's very strange but that cover was very last minute as was the current one and both covers have been nearly 100% my ideas with my best friend and Repartee editor (yes I know its always going to help being best friends with the editor!) making them happen, and in this case being part of the idea too.

Let's start at the beginning then shall we? For many years I've been into motor racing and one of the things, other that the racing itself, I've always loved is seeing the grid girls or brolly dollies if you like. And yes, I've always dreamed of being one. Then one day last year at work, I stumbled across the site that makes all the fantastic grid girls outfits. They were not cheap but I knew then and there I had to have one!

So I told Bella about the site and asked her if she'd be interested in being a grid girl with me and she loved the idea. Next I set about designing the outfits. I sent my designs to Bella and she added the finishing touches and did all the hard work of dealing with the company that makes the outfits. She even managed to get some samples for us to try on (the one I had to try on was a Corona cat suit which I fell in love with as soon as I tried it on and couldn't resist doing some photos in it. I will dig them out and post here at some point so you can see just how fabulous that outfit looked).

Eventually the outfits arrived along with 4 Repartee umbrellas (also not cheap but worth every penny) and they were, as we had hoped, pretty amazing! So we set about doing a photo shoot to use in conjunction with a magazine biker shoot that was coming up. The results came out pretty good, although I did have a new wig on that day which I thought ruined most of the photos, as it looked like a wig and not much like hair in my opinion. But on the flip side, I think Bella looked better in these photos than I'd ever seen her look bneore (I hate her looking better than me but I'm afraid this time she really did show me up).

Even though we really liked the photos BJ decided not to use them for the cover if we could get a better photo (for obvious reasons) at the bike shoot. On the day of the bike shoot it rained and because of this we had very few stunning photos and most were taken inside and came out quite dark. So Bella decided to go back to the grid girls photos we had taken previously and use one of them instead. I pushed her for the all-white cover (something I asked for on my Billie cover but didn't get!) and this time she gave in to me and let me have it - and I'm very pleased with the results too!

I hope you agree that it really does look striking.

It's also quite nice that the same issue I'm featured on the cover I've become an official member of the team, although having featured quite a bit in recent issues I guess most people would have thought I was already on the pay role(Ok only kidding I only get paid in kind for my contributions)

So will I ever be back here writing cover story three you ask?

You bet I will (maybe not for quite a while as BJ won't allow it) but having done one on my own and one with my best friend, I've already come up with a fantastic idea to get some of my other friends, who've never featured on a cover before, involved as well next time - in a group photo.

You never know it could be you!

Who said there's more chance of winning the lottery!



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