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My Third and probably final Cover Story!

Yes after now featuring on three Repartee covers in three years (although only one on my own) I think it's time to quit while I'm ahead, don't you?

Ok the reason I've said 'probably' final cover is I do have another fab Idea for a cover that would be prefect for issue 100 if Repartee is even about then but I won't spoil the surprise instead you'll have to wait 13 years!

As for the Moulin Rouge idea I came up with this idea over a year ago and before my cover with Bella had even hit the shops and the whole thing really was a year in the making.

I knew that if I was to complete my trilogy of Repartee covers I wanted to feature some of my friends in the TV world and I really wanted 3 other girls who'd never been on a cover before. I even had 3 perfect people in mind but decided to drop one of the girls (I'm not naming names in case she's reading this and now wants to strangle me) as she's not always that reliable and Deb (who this is also a third Repartee cover for) would have been upset if we'd not used her as she loves burlesque stuff.

So that was it I'd made my mind up me and Deb, Tiffany and Simon were to play the parts of the girls in the recent Lady Marmalade video for a centre spread and hopefully cover and even a video (the video is still to happen
but it will I hope).

It took some time and many e-mails between the four girls and Bella who was doing the photography before we got our costumes and a venue sorted but it all came together in the end. Although the weather on the day was terrible and we got less time than we were first promised to do our shoot at the Lancaster Grand, but they have said we're welcome back at some point should we want to shoot a video there (provided we make a donation to the theatre like we did this time that is).

I have to say once we'd done the shoot it took and awful lot of begging and twisting of Bella's arm to make her use the pictures in issue 60, but I really wanted them in issue 60 for quite a few personal and selfish reasons. Like it was issue 50 that I first appeared in Repartee so it would be nice to have my last cover 10 issues later and my 3 covers would be three January issues in a row and I wanted it to be a kind of follow on from my corset feature in issue 59. She gave in to me the end, as she normally does, but I think she like me, is glad she did! I hope you think so too.

BTW the idea for the four girls looking out of picture frames is taken from the cover of the Lady Marmalade single if you're wondering. (You weren't though were you?)

In case you're worried about not seeing me in Repartee anymore don't be as I still intend to work on features inside the magazine quite a bit (or get in the way while Bella is working on features she might say!)


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