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Best Friend Keith

I met Keith at Bristol fetish market SWAMP. At that time I was already working as a Pro Submissive and he was interested in booking me. I didn't hear anything more from him for sometime when out of the blue he contacted and did book and I went to his house and did a session. We also chatted for a while.

After I did a couple more sessions at his and chatted a lot more he found out I was looking for a new venue to work from in the day and he said I could use his place if I wanted so I did and from then on our friendship grew and he was no longer my client but my friend. After this we starting attending fetish event together and doing lots of other things for example going to Dr Who conventions dressed as the Dr and Rose.

Keith is an excellent photographer also so it wasn't long before he started taking photos for my Naughty Nina site and now he does the vast majority of them and we work on the site together. He provides a venue, bondage,films and photos and I provide me.

It seems to work well The best things we've done together have probably been holidays to France and although we spend lot of time together we've never really fallen out which is really good going for me and no we're not a couple before you ask but whenever I need a date he's always willing to take me out and treats me like lady when he does and if I feel like being tied up he'll do that too. Also he's been more generous to me than anyone I've ever met.

Now what more could a girl ask for in a best friend?

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