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Nicola Alexander

She used to be one of my best friends in the TV world when I first started going out as Nina. Sadly we've lost contact and I'm not even sure she dresses anymore

Juliette (who runs Sophies)

If it wasn't for her and her dressing service I wouldn't be where I am today (not really sure where that is though). Even though I'm just another one of her clients we became really good friends. I went to Sophie's loads of times and I've spent a fortune on makeovers but not been back for several years now

Nikki B

Nicki B is everyone's big sister and likes to look after her little sisters in the big bad world. She has looked after me many times on my nights out in the past. These days we don't see much of each other but I still regard her as a good friend


Didn't know if I should include Kristina here, but decided I would because for about a year she e-mailed me constantly and became my best friend even though we've never met we did speak on the phone once though. Although we're not in contact these she is one of my facebook friends so I occasionally check up on her to see what she's up to these days.


Although at times Alex can be really annoying and hard to get along with he's still makes me laugh and has taken thousands of interesting photos of me and countless kinky films. Although I don't work with him so much as I did we're still good friends.

John the Vicar

One of my favourite kinky people. Great all round guy that I've know for several years and has worked with me many times on my kinky shoots often letting me use his house as a venue which he also rents out if anyone wants a venue for a kinky photo shoot or play session. (located in Newport)


Or Katrina Transdoll as you may know her better. Latex and lycra loving TV Katrina is one of my best friends who I love working and playing with on kinky shoots as anyone who's a member of my site will probably have guessed.


From the Marina was the kindest person to me when I started working as a pro sub and Mistress giving me a venue to work in the evenings and weekends and somewhere to stay. She's well know for running TV parties and an annual boat trip and although I don't see her much except when I visit her house in France I still think a lot of her and how she helped me out.


I was mikes first real friend on the BDSM scene and he thought I was nice to start with then he got to know me and changed his mind. We don't see each other now but we used to do quite a bit together at one time. Nice guy as long as he's not drunk. 


Alan created my Naughty Nina and Fantasygirl Nina sites for me but we became friends when he used to run Wild passions and I'll never forget how supportive he was when I did a run for cancer. Something that has affected both of our families a great deal. 

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