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My sister - Bella Jay

Way back before I started going out in public as Nina (Nina Smith in those days) I used to spend a lot of time on Forums and posting photos of myself. A well know TV called Tiffany Tuesday spotted them and asked me to send some to Bella Jay (who is editor of Repartee Magazine) this I did and even got a 2 page article in issue 50 and I didn't even have to do any special favours to get in the magazine!

After this I kept in contact with Bella and we even arranged to meet at the first Sparkle event which we did although I did manage to make her spill her drink all over herself by creeping up from behind to surprise her when I first saw her in the flesh. (Oh how she laughed at the time. Not!) 

Anyway to cut a long story short after that we became best friends and her family then adopted me so I changed my name to Nina Jay or NJ to my friends and we all live as one big happy family in a massive shoe. 

That's how we met. But what's Bella Jay or BJ to her friends like to have as sister you ask? 
To be honest she's the nice sensible one and I'm the annoying selfish brat with BJ having to apologise for all the silly stuff I do all the time. She keeps me out of trouble sometimes too. Just like a real life older sister. 

By-the-way - I have to be nice about her as she built this site for me,Sadly we don't see each other much these days but we stay in contact and I still write for every issue of Repartee and she'll always be my big sister

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