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My Fourth Cover Story!

Yes, I know I said I probably wouldn’t be on another Repartee cover, but that was a few years and 15 issues ago, and as Sean Connery will tell you
“Never say never!”

I wasn’t that bothered about being on another cover until one day talking to Bella Jay on the phone she mentioned that sometime in the future the magazine may become online only, so if I wanted to be a cover girl in print againa then to be on the look out for a great photo.

After thinking about this I thought it would be nice to get on the cover of issue 74 as this would be 20 issues after my first and only solo cover and if not then issue 75 would be 25 issues after I first appeared in Repartee way back in issue 50 and this would again, like all my other covers, come out in January around my birthday which is always nice. Doing another cover would also mean that after Martine Rose I would be the second most featured cover girl joint with Leah True(although all of hers have been solo covers).

As it happened I was already planning a trip to France on my bike and although I was stopping off at lots of different places the one thing I was most looking forward to was seeing the famous Millau Viaduct and getting some photos in front of the world’s tallest suspension bridge as this amazing modern structure has featured on so many tele programs and in magazines (In fact as I write this I have the new issue of fast bikes magazine beside me which it’s also on the cover of!) but never on the cover of a trans magazine before but I got some fab photos taken of me in front of it as I had hoped by my friend Keith which Bella loved too and now it has along with me and Keith’s very girlie red Mazda MX5.

It turned out my article was so long it had to be split between issue 74 and 75. At first I was going to be issue 74 cover girl but Bella found a better photo for that one it seems (I know hard to believe right!) But as you can see I ended up on issue 75’s cover and it looks great. I also think it’s nice to have a natural outdoors photo on the cover instead of trannies in studios all the time even if it is me again.

So will there be cover number 5 you ask? Well as I said at the beginning never say never. Actually that’s rubbish no is the simple answer unless printed Repartee makes it to 100 that is!



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