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My Fifth and Final Cover Story


Yes, I know I said I'd only do another cover if Repartee reached issue 100, but Bella made me an offer I couldn't refuse and here's the story behind my last Repartee Cover.

I had known for quite some time that the printed Repartee magazine was going to end at some point as it just wasn't selling anywhere near enough copies and to be honest hadn't been for quite some time.

By issue 80 I had decided that I was going to stop writing for the magazine as I didn't think I had much more to offer. After 30 issues it seemed a good place to end and I would be going out on a high too as I was involved in 3 articles in that issue. However Bella Jay didn't want me to stop writing and informed me there was only going to be another 2 issues.

Slightly reluctantly I said I'd carry on writing to the end if I could come up with a couple more good articles. I suggested having a final cover shoot of all the ex cover stars or at least any we could get together meaning I would be on a fifth cover but Bella wasn't keen on the idea and instead asked if I'd just do a photo-shoot for it.

I said no first of all but then started thinking about what I could do if I was to appear on another cover and soon came up with the idea of being on a new motorbike which I was thinking of buying should I get it as I've done features on my last 3 bikes for Repartee but never made the cover on one and there had never been a cover featuring a trans girl on a motorbike before so this would be a first.

Things changed drastically when my dad died in December and all thoughts of buying a new bike were forgotten about and in the end I decided to write an article about all the different cars I've owned and driven as Nina and do a shoot with my latest car. Then leave it down to Bella to decide if one of the pictures was suitable for the final cover and as you can see one of them was or more like Bella didn't have anything better



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